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un3xpectedfate's gameplay for Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming (DS)

un3xpectedfate played Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

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un3xpectedfate said...
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I have finished Mark and Chelsea's story. Unlocked Shea and Natalie's story. Currently playing Natalie's. It's a super fun puzzle game!
Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming

Harvest Moon: Frantic Farming (DS)

Genre/Style: Puzzle/Action Puzzle
Release Date: 25/AUG/09
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Hmm...how exactly does this work? I was wondering about it, and worried that I might leave confused, which is why I didn't pick up Puzzle de Harvest Moon.
Oh Puzzle de Harvest Moon is just atrocious! Don't get near that game! The gameplay is awful, and there's not much to it other than the multiplayer mode. I love HM, but that game was awful. Now, Frantic Farming is quite fun. I don't really know how to explain it, but the gameplay is not as difficult as Puzzle de, and there's an actual story mode, and lots of endings to accomplish. You should try it out. Maybe check out a video of the gample on youtube or something. :)
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